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Gegli news - Gegli social network hostility section - 4/22/2023 4:46:20 AM 4:46:20 AM 

Gegli’s new algorithm prevents online violence

 Dear Gegli members,

We have always been trying to make Gegli social network environment a safe and secure place for you. Because two-way communication may cause personal discomfort in any social network, we started a new initiative in this matter, and for the first time, we created an intelligent algorithm to prevent such unpleasant interactions. For this purpose, after months of research and development, Gegli social networks offer its users a new and innovative feature.

This feature’s link is available on your home page. Using this feature, you can determine the minimum level of politeness and hostility of people who are able to interact with you. With your proper setting, people whose level of hostility is higher than what you specified will not be able to message you from now on.

On the other hand, in this section, you can see who complained about you and apologize to them if you wish. You can also view your submitted complaints and apologies. In addition, in this section, you can see the level of politeness and level of hostility according to the justified complaints received, which are determined automatically based on our innovative algorithm. You can see your level and how much politeness score you have as well.

Also, each user has two green cards. You can see the status of these cards in this section. With these cards, you can activate the politeness badge in your profile. However, if you receive a justified complaint from a user, these cards will be used, and if you lose both of these cards, you will lose your politeness badge.

Also, if your politeness score has decreased, you can partially recover your lost politeness points. However, green cards cannot be recovered. For this, you can send more polite messages to other users or apologize for the complaints you received.

Gegli is the only social network in the world with this feature to help you enjoy using a safe and secure social network.


Gegli Support Team

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