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Gegli Social Network

Fake accounts in social networks can create many problems. Some of these accounts may send you tempting messages to request money from you. Some others might publish fake news and misinformation to mislead you for their publisher's purposes. Alternatively, they might have been built for trolling or for sending hatred messages. At the same time, some others might pretend to be someone else to mislead their friends.
Gegli Social Network lunch a mission to eliminate these fake accounts and profiles with the help of people like you.
You will receive a reward in return after the mission finish depending on your help and participation level in the mission. Two types of rewards are available for you to select:

This mission will run for 7 days. Starting from July 2 and ending on July 9.
You can select your reward and start it now!

1) Money: You can receive +0.75 euros for each correct report and -0.75 euro for each wrong report. At the end of the mission you can receive your money. Delivery is through PayPal or Shetab payments after seven days. With no minimum or maximum payment! At the end of the mission.
2) Badge and respect: You can receive +1 point for each correct report, and -1 point for each wrong report. At the end of the mission, Based on the collected points a police badge on your profile, with your collected points, will be shown. Moreover, gegli will appreciate you as a responsible member on the first page of the gegli website in a ranking list based on the collected points.

Thank you for agreeing to participate in Gegli mission to eliminate fake accounts!