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لطفا زبان خود را مشخص کنید

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Fake accounts on social networks can create many problems. Some of these accounts may send you tempting messages to request money from you. Some others might publish fake news and misinformation to mislead you for their publisher's purposes. Alternatively, they might have been built for trolling or for sending hateful messages. At the same time, some others might pretend to be someone else to mislead their friends.
Gegli Social Network lunch a mission to eliminate these fake accounts and profiles with the help of people like you.
You will receive a reward in return after the mission finishes depending on your help and participation level in the mission.

Your reward:

In addition to the cost of your participation in this mission, a prize has also been allocated. So that you get a new level for every 4 reports and initially your level is one. After the first four reports, your level will be two, and after the second four reports, your level will be three, and so on. Then, for each correct report, you will receive 0.01 multiplied by the value of your level and for each wrong report 0.01 multiplied by the value of your level will be deducted from your received rewards (not from the cooperation fee). For example, if your level is three, 0.03 euros will be added to your account for each correct answer, and 0.03 euros will be deducted from your account for each wrong answer. At the end of the mission, the sum of your correct reports will be calculated and you can receive your amount. Payments will be made through Paypal And there will be no limit in terms of the maximum or minimum payment amount

This mission will Ending on December 5, 23:59CET.
You can start it now!

Please note that when you join, you must fill in your personal, academic, and professional information, including height, weight, etc., and your full name must match the paypal account informaiton in order to receive your participation fee. If you did not fill these forms, you can fill or edit them in the settings section, on your home page. The link to this page is also available in the first page of gegli social network.