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Fox Makes a Big Sandwich

Some people go to Chernobyl. It is in Ukraine. They see a fox. One person films the fox.... Continue reading

Xbox Live recovers from an outage lasting several hours

An Xbox Live outage prevented some players from launching cloud games, playing digital games, and making purchases from its store. Issues started around 4PM ET Saturday night and weren't resolved until early Sunday morning.... Continue reading

Russia expels seven Danes amid rising tensions

Seven Danish nationals working at the Danish Embassy in Moscow have been given two weeks to leave Russia, Russian news agency TASS agency and Danish broadcaster DR reported.... Continue reading

Video From Space

An astronaut is in the ISS. He takes a picture every few seconds. Then he puts the pictures together and plays them quickly. He makes a video like this.... Continue reading

Russia Blocks Facebook and Twitter

The Russian government blocks Facebook and Twitter on Friday. It means that Russian people can’t use this social media.... Continue reading

Boston Marathon bomber case

is the year 2013. Runners run at the Boston Marathon. Bombs explode. Three people die. More than 260 people are hurt. The Tsarnaev brothers carry out the attack. Police kill one of the men after the attack. Dzokhar Tsarnaev goes to prison. He is 28 years old. He gets a death penalty in 2015.... Continue reading

Scorpions on Nails

Nail art can get extreme. In Mexico, there is a new trend. You can have a scorpion on your nail. ... Continue reading

Soldiers give woman a cake

Meri Mion is from Italy. She is 90 years old. Her birthday is last week. She gets a special cake.... Continue reading

Elon Musk buys Twitter

Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. He buys Twitter. Twitter is a public company since 2013. Public means that anyone can buy a part of the company.... Continue reading

World’s oldest woman dies –

The oldest woman in the world died on April 19 at the age of 119. Kane Tanaka was born in Japan in 1903. When she was 19, she married an owner of a rice shop. She worked there until she was 103. For the past few years, Tanaka lived in a nursing home in the city of Fukoka.... Continue reading

Iran nuclear talks

Big countries are starting talks in Vienna, Austria. today. They speak about the nuclear agreement with Iran. The United States want to sign this agreement again.... Continue reading

Robot fixes railway wires

Japanese workers use a special robot. It helps fix railway lines. The robot is very big. It can lift things of up to 40 kilograms. It can reach as high as ten meters. The robot does difficult or dangerous work for people.... Continue reading

European Commission takes aim at Apple Pay in antitrust probe

The European Commission sent Apple on Monday (2 May) the preliminary findings of a competition investigation into its mobile payment system, Apple Pay, suggesting that the US tech giant had “unfairly shielded” its system from competitors and therefore stifled innovation.... Continue reading

Poland focuses on crisis relief for farmers in wake of Ukraine war

Poland is moving to adapt its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) strategic plan to place a stronger focus on food security and crisis relief, while remaining committed to the objectives of the Green Deal. EURACTIV Poland reports.... Continue reading

Ukrainian ambassador tells Scholz ‘war is not a kindergarten’

After German chancellor Scholz announced on Monday that he would not visit Ukraine as Kyiv did not welcome German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier over his alleged close ties to Russia, the Ukrainian ambassador fired back with a scathing response.... Continue reading

Google urges court to scrap $1.6 bln EU antitrust fine

Alphabet unit Google on Monday urged Europe’s second-highest court to dismiss a 1.49-billion-euro ($1.6 billion) fine imposed by EU antitrust regulators three years ago for hindering rivals in online search advertising.... Continue reading