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The European Court of Justice of England can unilaterally cancel Brexit

Anti-Brexit fighters announced Monday's decision as a game changer and fully enhanced their hopes of backing the divorce. ... Continue reading

Facebook apologize for unpublished photos after security flaws

Tomer Bar, a engineering director at Facebook, wrote in a blog post about this flaw: "We're sorry, this happened." ... Continue reading

Apple is investing $ 1 billion in the new Texas campus

Apple said its expansion would be the largest private employer in Austin. ... Continue reading

Brexit's vote was delayed by Teresa May. what will happen?

One expert said, "I think we are beyond the scene where little of the unicellular dust in the political declaration is just spinning for him". ... Continue reading

Mars InSight of NASA lander snaps its first selfie from the Red Planet

The spacecraft also opened a portable mosaic of the Martian landscape. ... Continue reading

Son, grandsons find human bones in the New York basement because their fathers have been missing for decades.

Her husband, George Carol's wife, assured her children that they answered the correct answer about what their parents lost in 1961, police say. ... Continue reading

Trump believes in friends who are concerned about the revision

Despite the general announcements that he has no problems, the president has told the people close to him that he has expressed concern about the outlook for relief. ... Continue reading

The Virgin Galactic Flight Test is for the Space Edge

According to Virginia Gallactic, pilots are expected to receive "some spectacular views." ... Continue reading

The former president, David Cameron, says he is not happy with the Brexit referendum

Cameron has been out of sight since the 2010 election at age 43, since it resigned. ... Continue reading

Google announces a new security flaw, closes the social network early

Google Plus first received its boost in late October, when the company said it had exposed a security bug to 500,000 users. ... Continue reading

2 dead, at least 11 injured children shooting near the Christmas market in Strasbourg of France

Authorities said the search for this suspect, which is on the Watch List, is underway ... Continue reading

Best tire manufacturers in 2017

Michelin's top-notch company has won the top five points.... Continue reading

BMW 530 2017

In the United States, sales were so high that the car's dealership in the United States.... Continue reading

Astone Martin One 77

One of the best-selling Aston Martin cars on the road.... Continue reading

Ferrari Monza SP1

The Ferrari ran out of its new custom-made car and its new limited production.... Continue reading

The Infinity Black S Project

The Infinity Black S Project has improved the style of the car by the Formula 1 team of Renault and utilized fluid dynamics software to better offshore and downhill cooling.... Continue reading