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Gegli news - The former president, David Cameron, says he is not happy with the Brexit referendum - 12/12/2018 2:52:42 AM 2:52:42 AM 

Cameron has been out of sight since the 2010 election at age 43, since it resigned.

 London - He presided over one of the most common wilderness in British history, and then left him.

In two and a half years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, former Prime Minister David Cameron has left politics and a general outlook.
At the same time, the referendum that he chose to chaos has typically imposed on British politics.
Does he currently have second thoughts on setting Brexit wheels on the move? He says no.
"I did not want to regret the referendum. I promised in a vote that a referendum was called." Cameron said on Monday that he would show his car to talk to reporters. "It is clear that I am very worried about what will happen today, but I support the prime minister's efforts to work closely with the European Union on the prime minister. That's right and he has my support," he said.
Cameron resigned from the morning after the vote, the prime minister was cautious. He immediately pledged to respect the outcome of the referendum and remove Britain from the 28-nation block.
However, this is currently in the air as a retreat agreement negotiated with E.U. Her party's lawmakers had little support from her party that she was forced to vote at the last minute on Monday and get back to go back to Europe again.
Cameron and also can remain in E.U. During the referendum campaign.
With just over three months before the United Kingdom officially E.U. On March 29, Cameron has been working on politicians who have been struggling with outstanding scholars.
This is not exactly what Cameron imagined in 2010, when he was elected prime minister in 2013, and was left with his youthful and imaginative family.
After five years in the presidency of a coalition government, Cameron led his conservative party in 2015 to win the absolute majority. But in the party election statement, he handed over.
Her party for decades about whether U.K. Must be member of E.U.
To help cure this gap, the Conservative Manifesto, a plan to allow people in relation to Britain with E.U. Cameroon to E.U. To negotiate for a better deal for the UK and then referendum for June 2016.
The campaign drove the country and even saw the killing of a member of the opposition parliament, Jo Cox, who supported the block.
"He decided to take the referendum and bring it back." Andrew Blake, director of the British policy and UK government at the King's College in London, said it was a gamble and did not pay.
Since leaving the office, Cameron has reported that he is working in his memories, although not yet published.
In April 2017, she is portrayed in a custom backyard and is said to be fighting his family with those who use it. These comments have caused the current social media practices in Cameroon to collapse, while the government is worrying.
Like many former US leaders, he is in the orbit of the lecture and is listed with the Office of the Speakers of Washington, who are also former deputies of John Kerry and Colin Powell.
A government report in December 2017 shows Cameroon is involved in bringing China and U.K. Through a $ 1 billion investment fund, its roles and outcomes are still unclear.
Cameron's office has not responded to requests for accountability.
"The things about the former prime minister are not proved to them, and they do what they do when they leave the office," said Kevin Taxon, professor of government and policy at the University of Leeds. Personal selection and conditions.
Meanwhile, Samantha Cameron's wife is creating a fashion label Cefinn, offering "a stylish, adult model for a multi-tasking urban woman." Retail suits for around $ 375.
Now that Cameron has not left office since his departure, now he is referring to referendum results in the case of his successor or party.
He was 49 years old, when his political career was overwhelming.
"When you're leaving now, it's over, there's no way to get back to the government," Tickson said. "Your party wants to move and it's often embarrassing for you," Tickson said.
"In 2010, it was noteworthy that the early leaders left the Tony Blair era, they wanted to destroy their memory," he added.
Political retirement seems unlikely, as only a former British prime minister returned to the front line after leaving office.
However, such a scenario may be that Anthony Sedon, a Cameroonian biologist, is unwilling to write.
Seldon, who wrote about the former seven former prime ministers, thinks Cameron is so young and attractive that he comes out of politics forever.
Seldon said, "I think he can be returned to the foreign minister as secretary of state, and beyond the argument that he can return as prime minister." Seldon said he is the only voice of political experts. He said he did not talk about the future with the former prime minister.
Although the situation that can make an effort to revise is almost impossible to imagine at a moment, Seldon said Cameron had a deep sense of duty that could convince him to open his hat in the ring.

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