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Gegli news - The Virgin Galactic Flight Test is for the Space Edge - 12/13/2018 6:25:15 PM 6:25:15 PM 

According to Virginia Gallactic, pilots are expected to receive "some spectacular views."

 The fourth Virgin Galactic Flight window opens on Thursday, and the company hopes that its VSS Unity spacecraft will reach the edge of space for the first time.

"At a basic level, the flight will fly faster and faster," the company said in a statement.
Virgin Galactic also plans to "begin to simulate the distribution of commercial weight in the spaceship provided by its upcoming passengers."
Founder Richard Branson promised to start tourists - about 800 people spent $ 250,000 on ticket tickets - by the end of the year to the brink of space. According to Virgin Galactic, this pilot test in the California Mojave Desert is just a pilot and a pilot.
"We plan to burn a rocket engine for a long time than we had before, but not completely burn it. At the final stages of the missile in the thin mesosphere, and at the speeds we expect, the extra height The speed is rising, "the company announced. "This is given new and important points."
The goal is to reach the Kermon Line, which shows the boundary between the cloud space and the outer space, where future space tourists look back and land and experience weightlessness.
"If everything is to our planning, pilots will experience a long period of small gravity as SpaceShipTwo beaches to apogee, although they will remain safe all the way," he said. "They also need to have some point of view It is very spectacular that we are waiting for sharing as soon as possible after flying. "
In July, during the third test flight, the spacecraft reached 170,800 feet (32.3 miles), more than half way to reach the edge of space.
SpaceX Elliot Musk and Origin Blue Origin Jeff Bezos are also planning to provide space tourists with short flights to make a significant payoff.
It is not clear whether the VSS Unity, which is typically launched from the WhiteKnightTwo generation, will be ready at the right time to reach the Branson target for the transfer of customers by the end of December.
This is not the first time an entrepreneur has exceeded himself. After the Virgin Galactic was founded in 2004, he said he would be ready for the 2007 flight.
This time around the company maintains at least the minimum bet.
"Whether we will complete all of our goals during the next flight or need a little longer will stay, we are still committed to completing the final stages of this fantastic flight test plan quickly, but most importantly with the fantasy," Virgin Galactic said. Comfortable, statement.

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