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Gegli news - The European Court of Justice of England can unilaterally cancel Brexit - 12/15/2018 1:58:18 AM 1:58:18 AM 

Anti-Brexit fighters announced Monday's decision as a game changer and fully enhanced their hopes of backing the divorce.

 London - As U.K. Close to Brexit's historicity, the country's dirty divorce has threatened the EU to consume all aspects of public life.

Many friends and relatives are almost divided, lawmakers are in the political arena, and economists warn that any independence is likely to be faced with serious financial costs.
On Monday, the United States Supreme Court E.U. He decided that England could change its mind and forget everything - if it wants it.
The verdict at the beginning of what is promised is a week from the big drama, one day before the vote, the central role of the parliament in the nearly three-year process.
Anti-Territory fighters changed Monday's ruling as a game, and fully strengthened their hope of undermining the divorce.
However, the government tried to put cold water on it, saying that the decision was irrelevant, because there was no plan to exit the planned departure from E.U. On March 29th.
The European Court of Justice of Luxembourg said that California could reject Article 50; the South Korean withdrawal clause in March last year triggered a two year countdown to leave E.U.
In general, the court said that U.K. To the satisfaction of 27 E.U. Not necessary. The member states have abolished Article 50 and abolished Brexit.
It does not exactly change how decisions are made, but only that they must "follow a democratic process in accordance with the requirements of the national constitution".
Some experts refer to this in the sense of the legislature's vote, another referendum or merely the decision of the prime minister, or his successor if he is overthrown. Although lawmakers are in a dead end, it's unclear how any of these will happen.
The court said Article 50 could be reversed, because the exit agreement from May to EVA has not yet been entered.
British lawmakers cast their vote on Tuesday, but with many openly opposed to the deal - including the conservative party's Mayan scores - it seems that the parliamentary elections are heavy and probably humiliating.
If and when it has been rejected, it is far from clear what happens. Although the May deal does not seem to have a majority, it seems like nothing else is that there is another deal or other way to stop or delay Brexit.
If no further action is taken, U.K. From E.U. Will be out. March 29 under the "no deal" scenario is something that can have a variety of warning signs.

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