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Gegli news - North Korea condemns US sanctions, warns that endangered people are in danger - 12/18/2018 1:10:41 AM 1:10:41 AM 

Little progress has been made since Kim Jung Jung and President Donald Trump met in a historic meeting in June.

 SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea on Sunday condemned Tramp's government to tighten sanctions and put pressure on the armed forces as a warning to return to the "fire exchange", and peace with Pyongyang could be blocked forever.

The response came after the United States announced December 10 sanctions on three North Korean officials, including senior adviser to North Korea's leader Kim Jong-ion, to enforce human rights violations.
Kim Jong-ion and President Donald Tramp met in Singapore in June for the historic summit.
The two sides still have to change talks between Foreign Minister Mike Pompo and North Korean chief Kim Yong Chol, who was suddenly abandoned in November.
While Trump has accused the State Department of its desire to improve relations with the North, also known as North Korea, it has "stopped relations between North Korea and the United States to the state of the past year by exchanging Fire marked. "
The State Department of North Korea said in a statement that Washington has earmarked eight times the sanctions against companies, individuals and ships not only North Korea, but also Russia, China and other third countries.
If Washington believes that severe sanctions and pressures will make Pyongyang abandon its nuclear weapons, "it will calculate it as the biggest mistake and block the path to nuclear dismantlement in the Korean Peninsula forever." No one's result "This statement was added.

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