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Gegli news - Mourinho at Manchester United is "Safe Now" - 12/18/2018 1:11:20 AM 1:11:20 AM 

Jose Mourinho is not at risk of losing his job after defeating a rival after Manchester United's defeat.

 He says Mourinho is currently in a safe position, and despite the 3-1 defeat at Liverpool, Manchester United is typical. Red Devils played Liverpool Park for more than a week, leaving the Mourinho team defeating 19 points from Liverpool's leading league and 13 points outside of the top four. Losing Man United has moved to 7-5-5 in the season, the worst start of the club since 1990.

Mourinho's pressure continues with each passing week, as a stellar and extraordinarily expensive team, is still managed by the Portuguese. Mourinho left Paul Pogba and Juan Mata unexplained on the bench against Liverpool without comment, and while Liverpool could be considered lucky in second and third games, this could be the only goal for Manchester United. , Which, thanks to the goalkeeper, misses the goalkeeper from Alison.
Manchester United won 26 points after the 17th Premier League game. Their worst flight points during the period from 1990 to 91 (also 26 points).
While Manchester United are in the knockout stage of the Champions League, the team's inability to win the group suggests they will face a European giant when the Red Devils landed at Paris Saint-Germain. Like two predecessors who retired before Sir Alex Ferguson, he feels it is only when he has taken the path ahead of both sides, and with a decision that may be taken in March Or April is over, if I get United to be confirmed outside of those places in the UEFA Champions League.

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