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Gegli news - North Korea will not tolerate a nuclear weapon until the United States refuses its nuclear ammunition - 12/20/2018 6:53:05 PM 6:53:05 PM 

"A statement could indicate that North Korea has no intention of returning to the negotiating table soon," one expert said.

 Seoul, South Korea - North Korea said on Thursday that it would never lose its nuclear weapons unilaterally, unless the United States initially, with its nuclear threat, bombers capable of fragmenting diplomacy between Washington, Destroy Seoul and Pyongyang.

A statement issued by the Korean Central News Agency was a stalemate in the nuclear talks between the United States and North Korea on the sequencing of the process of nuclear dissolution and the lifting of international sanctions.
It further doubts whether Kim Jong-wan, the North Korean leader, voluntarily withdraws from an arsenal that could be abandoned as a stronger guarantee of survival as a security guarantee that the United States could offer. . It also suggests that North Korea has called on the United States to retreat or significantly reduce the 28,500 US troops deployed in South Korea, which is one of the most important challenges in the potential disarmament deal.
Kim and Donald Trump, President of the Republic, met in Singapore on June 12th, in which they presented an ambiguous goal in order to complete the "complete completion" of the Korean Peninsula, without any indication of the timing and the manner of its occurrence.
But North Korea has, over the past decades, put forward a concept of nuclear isolation, which is no different from the American definition, and pledges to continue nuclear munitions until the United States forces its forces and the nuclear umbrella from Korea Southern and japan defenses. In a statement on Thursday, it is clear from the North that it leaves its traditional stand on nuclear turmoil. It accused Washington of misleading what was agreed in Singapore, and pushed the talks after the meeting into an incident.
"The United States must already recognize the precise meaning of the nuclear weapons of the Korean Peninsula and should, in particular, study geographically," the statement said.
"When we talk about the Korean Peninsula, it includes the territory of our republic, as well as the whole region (South Korea), where the United States has put its aggressive force, including nuclear weapons. When we talk about "The peninsula is the elimination of all sources of nuclear threat, not only from the south and north, but also from the neighboring regions of the Korean Peninsula," the statement said.
The United States removed its tactical nuclear weapons from South Korea in the 1990s. Washington and Seoul did not immediately respond to the North Korean statement.
Repeating North Korea's long-standing position on nuclear turmoil could be a major crisis for diplomacy, which earlier this year sought a series of provocative nuclear and missile tests that took Kim and Trout more than 2017. Strange insults and war The threat of this statement could threaten the Trump plan for a second meeting with Kim next year because analysts say the United States will be more problematic to continue the negotiations if the North is to come Communicate its nuclear material with US military presence in the south.
This statement also worsens credit problems. The South Korean Liberal government faces its claim that Kim is really interested in negotiating his nuclear weapons. South Korea, which lobbied for Tramp-Kim, was trying to create the impression that everything was moving toward the North's nuclear turmoil. The president of Moon Jae said Kim did not demand the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula as a prerequisite for the abandonment of his nuclear weapons.
However, Kim, who met Maine three times this year, has never publicly made this comment.
"The statement could indicate that the North is by no means willing to return to the negotiating table at all," said Shin Biometchul, senior analyst at the Asen Ashen Institute for Policy Studies. "It is clear that the North intends to maintain its own explosives and turn the diplomatic process into bilateral reductions in relations with the United States, not a process that sits unilaterally."
Nuclear talks between Washington and Pyongyang stopped after Tramp Keem's meeting. The United States wants to provide North Korea with a detailed report of the nuclear facilities and missiles under the potential dealings of the inspection and evacuation, while the North insists on abolishing the first sanctions.
A statement by North Korea The day after the Special Kremlin Trump Special Representative in North Korea Stefan Byggan told reporters in South Korea that Washington is considering restrictions on travel to North Korea to facilitate humanitarian transport to resolve disputes in the talks. Is nuclear.

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