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Gegli news - In Syria, Trump is where he wants to be alone - 12/21/2018 10:40:23 PM 10:40:23 PM 

For some presidents, the loneliness path in Washington will be uncomfortable. But to Trump, this is a sign that he is in the right direction.

 Washington - President Donald Tahmam isolated himself from his allies and advisers, his unilateral decision to eliminate US forces from Syria, and triggered a reaction in Washington and around the world, contrary to what has been sought in foreign policy in the past. It was.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned on Wednesday at a White House meeting, denouncing the failure of the president to work with US senior partners and his ability to support United States supporters as his departure points.
"My views on respect for the behavior of allies, as well as the prospect of bad actors and strategic rivals, have been heavily taken into consideration for more than four decades of immersion in these issues," Mates wrote. "Because you have the right to You have a secretary of defense that is in line with these and other good things, I believe that I have the right to stand back from my position".
Matisse provided a prominent display of resistance to the Tramp decision in Washington, but most importantly. Capitol Hill freezes its anger in the sound of barbed bells.
The fascist faction of the Republican Party, which is a once-rival rival and is currently the usual loyalist ally of Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, said Trump claimed the power of Moscow, Tehran, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and the remnants of the Islamic State while he was a United States allies Abandoned, power takes place in the region and around the world.
Graham said the exit is "rather than the honor of the United States."
Democrats in the Democrats talk about their words, and even tired of the war-torn liberals say Trump is threatening national interests by entering into a policy without serious plans to withdraw troops and address the humanitarian crisis in Syria.
They all believe that Trump is Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.
For some presidents, the loneliness path in Washington will be uncomfortable. But to Trump, this is a sign that he is in the right direction.
"I think this is a healthy reaction, because politicians are not popular and when politicians attack Trump, he allows himself to stand himself as nothing more than a politician," said a former Trump palace official White, who spoke in uncertain terms, because he was not allowed to speak to the president.
"Formerly the White House," said Washington, when it comes to Tramp on a Syrian issue, "usually these objections happen throughout the country".
Perhaps the best measure of how Trump opposes this policy across the country is a small mix of legislators around him, a group led by St. Rand Paul, R-Ky, who contrasted with foreign aid and intervention The US military has spurred him on Washington's foreign policy and military establishment.
Paul says: "I am happy to see a president who can announce victory and expel our troops from the war." "It's been a long time since it happened."
Critics of Trump's quick policy point out that there was no loss of physical territory for the fight for ISIS forces.
However, Rachel Boward, director of politics at the Conservative Conservative Institute and former Police Police Policy, said it was an unplanned moment for the NATO Senator and his allies.
They have been disappointed in recent weeks because Republican Republican leaders have used procedural maneuvers to prevent parliamentary spokesman Thomas Massey, a friend of the bridge, from initiating class discussions about US involvement in Yemen. At the moment, though, the president has opened a bold and somewhat unexpected step in Syria.
"I do not think that they will see this," Boyard said. He now clearly overcomes it. " "I do not think they're cooperating. I do not think Trump works in concerts."
Trump and Paul are not entirely alone. Senator Mike Lee, Ray-Utah, explained the logic behind his support for Trump's move in an interview with Shaunon Bream Fox Wednesday night.
"Congress has never announced a war or refused to use military force in Syria," he said. "We should not be there."
The US Senate voted to use the force in Syria in 2013 after Barack Obama asked for him. Two years later, Graham presented a resolution that provided for the withdrawal of ground forces - without limitation in time or geography - to fight the Islamic State but was killed without debate or vote.
Only now, after that Trump announced its intention in a tweet Wednesday, legislators had their own abandonment of politics in Syria.
"This is a bit of those rich people who do not want to discuss this issue, but when Congress does not say they are pulling out," the board said.
For many years, Trump has announced that he will soon withdraw his troops from Syria. Therefore, while the elected and appointed officials were surprised by the sudden and public decision, they could not claim to be ignorant of their goals.
At a press conference on Thursday, Graham urged Trump to reconsider.
"We have two options to fight this war: in our backyard or backyard," he said. "Mr. President, you have the opportunity to redirect, to support bilateral support, use it."
But for Graham, the problem is that Trump does not want to align with the Foreign Policy Agreement in Washington or around the world. He stood alone.

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