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Gegli news - Facebook does not allow over 150 companies to exploit personal information - 12/25/2018 9:28:16 PM 9:28:16 PM 

But the social network does not directly address a report that gave "partners" much more access to private data than it was disclosed.


Facebook denied Tuesday night that dozens of its partners - such as Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Yahoo - were able to exploit Facebook's personal information, but did not raise new explosive claims, access The private information has already been confirmed.


The GEGLI News said on Tuesday that Facebook had for over a number of years provided over 150 companies extensive access to personal information - including private messages and contact information for friends - more widely known, with no explicit consent from users.


The GEGLI reported that it reported more than 270 pages of domestic Facebook documents and interviews with more than 50 former Facebook employees as well as its immediate neighbors, as well as other former government officials and privacy advocates.


Facebook has said it has stopped "integration cooperation," some of them reporting by 2010 that some of them are still ongoing this year.


Steve Sutroffill, Facebook's privacy and public policy administrator, said in Tuesday's statement that the contributions were created. "So people can use Facebook on devices and operating systems that we do not support." "


"Facebook partners can not ignore privacy settings of individuals, and it's a mistake to show that they are doing," according to a statement.


However, this statement is not about the contents of the Times article, which Facebook provided this information without disclosing the breadth of information and in many cases without providing users or an agreement.


Facebook explained its communications with other technology companies in a blog post from Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Director of Operating Systems and Development Plans.


According to The GEGLI News, Facebook allows Microsoft Bing Search Engine to view the names of almost all Facebook friends without consent, and access Netflix, Spotify and Royal Bank of Canada to read, write, and delete messages from users. Slowly It said such access "seems beyond what companies need to integrate Facebook into their systems beyond."


The Thai newspaper said the Royal Canadian bank has claimed to have access, while Spotify and Netflix point out that they were unaware that they even had such widespread access.


Reported that the documents showed that "while Facebook users can share with many thousands of applications on the Facebook platform, some companies have access to user data, even if they have disabled all subscriptions. . "


Facebook noted that the request for users to share information under its interpretation of the consent agreement with the Federal Trade Commission or the FTC in November 2011 required. Facebook said at the time that it signed the agreement without acknowledging the violation of the contract legal action.


The agreement mislead the FTC for spying on its users about how to use its personal information and claimed that Facebook had changed its privacy control in 2009 to automatically share information and photos of users. Even if you have previously set your privacy plans private content.


According to the FTC, information that suddenly became unconscionable included user profile pictures, political views, and online friends list. In some cases, this version generally revives personal photos even after they have been removed by users as complained.


Facebook has told GEGLI news that it has not found any evidence of abuse by its partners, claiming that it did not violate any of the practices contained in internal documents, user privacy, or the 2011 agreement.


It said the agreement did not need to inform users or allow them to share personal information with most third-party partners because they called these companies "convergence" - Facebook's formats, in the words of Other, users to connect with your friends.


"Unlike a game, streaming music service or a third-party program that offers independent Facebook experiences, these partners can only provide specific Facebook features and can use the information for." Satterfield said on Tuesday. Goals are independent. "


Facebook's statement on Tuesday night explains why more than 150 companies will enter into such agreements if they are able to use the information provided for their own purposes.


Satterfield repeated the often-repeated Facebook message that "We know that we must work to gain people's confidence."


"Protecting people's information requires a stronger team, better technology, and clearer policies, and this is where we are focused on most of 2018," he said.


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