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Gegli news - The snow , wind is expected to disturb post-holiday travel for millions in the center of the United States. - 12/29/2018 3:02:10 PM 3:02:10 PM 

More than 6 million people in 13 countries are under winter weather advice and alerts are expected to continue throughout the week.

 A powerful storm after Christmas began Wednesday in the middle of the country, with heavy snow, the northern and central plains, and extreme rains to the south.

According to the National Meteorological Service, more than 6 million people in 13 countries are under alert and winter alerts that are expected to continue throughout the week.
Parts from Colorado, Nebraska, Dakota, and Minnesota can see snow from Wednesday to Friday to 9 inches. South Dakota parts can go up.
Snowfall is expected to blow up to 50 miles per hour, which during one of the most lively periods of the year can lead to near-split and itchy conditions.
It is expected that in the south, Oklahoma and Texas can expect heavy winds, but these influences can be interconnected by rain, knots and tornadoes. The rain will change on the Gulf Coast on Thursday, with the immediate threat of flood in Alabama and Mississippi.
A stormy weather in an unpleasant time as a significant number of vacation travelers tries to get it home before the end of the week. AAA estimates that 112.5 million Americans - more often than they did when they were on holiday trips - arrive in the air, roads, and rails during the weekend. December 26 is the heaviest day after Christmas.

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