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Gegli news - France intends to move ISIS prisoners from Syria ahead of U.S. withdrawal. - 2/4/2019 1:04:46 PM 1:04:46 PM 

French officials are "deeply worried" about what will happen once American forces leave.

 France is expanding its plans to put an end to its military commitment to Syria and plans to take airplanes from countries outside the country and can not afford to threaten the withdrawal of American troops from the battlefield and the possibility of deprivation of prisoners Makes it impossible.

A senior French official told GEGLI News correspondent that Obama announced in December that she would withdraw US troops from Syria. Obama intends to anticipate his military position, in the event of a vacuum of power in Northeast Syria, a struggle against the Islamic state. An important concern about the French military planners is a plan to deal with ISIS arrested fighters and take them out before the US leaves.
Interior Minister Christopher Kohnner said in an interview with French television on Tuesday that "no specific reference can be made" when asked if France intends to transfer 130 ISIS fighters to France.
Although French President Emmanuel Meccano agreed on a decision to leave Syria last month, the French authorities have generally been cautious about commenting on how they can be taken over their operations against the former Caliphate.
But behind the scenes, they are frustrated and "deeply worried."
"The American forces have become clear that they are destroying and not receiving warnings beforehand," the Frenchman said. "Since then, we are working on hours to review the plans for this American conflict and how to influence the French military operation in Syria."
More than 3,200 French army personnel in Syria operate as part of the Operation Chammal, the French campaign against ISIS. French Special Operations Forces, in partnership with the United States, Britain and other united Syrian and Iraqi units.
The French government announced two weeks ago that it was committed to putting its forces in Syria and Iraq over the course of the year, but the senior official acknowledged that France did not think that it would maintain a continuous military presence in the country without US support. The official said France is about continuing to talk to Washington about "close ties."
One of the key concerns about France and other countries is the hundreds and thousands of foreigners who fled the Islamic State and fought on their behalf. Hundreds of foreigners have been captured on the battlefield in the United States and its allies, including France.
What is left with these remaining detainees and "retournees" as they are in France is the central concern of French anti-terrorist authorities.
According to Olivier Gotta, managing director of GlobalStrat, a risk management company that studies terrorism, out of 22 successful terrorist attacks in France since 2012, 97 percent have been radicalized by those who are known, or Police are known. Most of these are retournees.
"The Syrian Democratic forces are currently struggling with foreign terrorists, including French nationals in northeastern Syria, however, he did not approve of some of the detainees," said State Department spokesman Agnès Von Der Mell. But adding that, with regard to "American decisions," the French government "will examine all options to prevent these potentially dangerous people from escaping or dispersing."
French interior ministry said all the prisoners would flee to France. The secretary said that depending on evidence of crimes committed, including murder, kidnapping and torture, each detainee would be individually prosecuted. Earlier, the prosecutor successfully condemned some members of the French ISIS to "connect with criminal terrorist activities."
Although most of the arrested fighters appear to be French nationals, many of them are still unclear and only "noms de guerre" or "aliases" are presented.
Law enforcement agencies from around the world are trying to share information about arrested fighters and terrorist suspects, often through Interpol, a global law enforcement agency headquartered in France.
Interpol has been the coordinating center for global efforts to fight terrorism, and has now maintained and published a database of 40,000 terrorist campaigners that has been published since the last 13 years.

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