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Gegli news - New Trump rules for American rifle makers are easier to sell overseas - 2/7/2019 7:27:51 PM 7:27:51 PM 

Manufacturers no longer need the State Department's permission to sell dozens of weapons abroad.


Washington - Semi-automatic weapons, flares and even some grenades are easier for US arms manufacturers to export overseas under the new rules set by the Trump government and obtained by GEGLI News, It becomes easier.
According to new laws that are implemented in less than a month, gun makers no longer need the State Department's permission to sell dozens of weapons to other countries, including the popular AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, which in many of the worst mass shootings in USA worked. Instead, vendors only have a cost-free license from the commercial agency, which has less licensing and less global footprint, making tracking the use of weapons abroad more difficult.
New laws as an effort to strengthen arms control in the United States, one of the main Obama administration priorities, continued under the Trouble despite massive shooting events. Democrats have announced they are planning to use new control from the parliament to reconsider this issue, with the start of the session of the Judicial Committee of the Majlis on Wednesday - the first time in about eight years.
Tramp's government made the first change in exports last year, and the rehabilitation of a campaign to simplify the export laws that was considered by the Obama administration, but declined after the shooting at Newton County School in 2012. The Department of State The final version of the law is key to key legislators on Monday as part of the compulsory notification process "compulsory." They will act 30 days later, unless Congress passes the resolution unexpectedly to prevent it.
A copy of the new regulations, which is "for domestic use only," says that monitoring the export of any semi-automatic firearm using unimportant ammunition is transferred from the State Department to the Office of Commerce. The same applies to a shotgun, other than those that are fully automatic.
Those who wish to export flares that produce a fire of 20 meters (about 66 feet) do not need to be licensed by the State Department. A new paragraph in the rules says that grenades are also now under commercial control, if they include "non-lethal or less deadly projectiles." Most parts, components and ammunition for guns are also handed over to the Commercial Office.
Part of President Tramp's pressure to reduce regulation across the government, new rules to help US arms manufacturers, easier to export products that the Trump government says, is "widely available for retail sales in the United States" . Exports of weapons appear to be "inherent military functions" or to provide the United States with a military advantage under the control of the State Department.
But gun fighters and many Democrats have concerns about the proliferation of weapons in which, unlike the United States, deadly weapons are not readily available in sports stores or major media such as Walmart.
"In most countries in the world, any kind of firearm, much less than a semi-automatic gun or a flamethrower, is very difficult," said John Linsa of Poland, an expert on smuggling weapons at the World Human Rights Group. "In a context where such weapons are not available to ordinary people, they are weapons of war, whether we are talking about riots or terrorist organizations or organized crime. They use these weapons to control the territory. They are taking actions against civilians and they are taking government power ".
These changes also mean that less than $ 1 million worth of weapons are traded without the need for prior notice to Congress, which allows lawmakers a period to prevent potential sales. This trend has been used in the past to prevent arms sales to worrying countries.
In 2017, opposition legislators bought a Tramp government proposal to allow the Turkish bodyguards, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This is $ 1.2 million in US arms sold after the crackdown on protesters during Erdogan's visit to Washington. A similar trend stopped the United States from selling tens of thousands of weapons to the Philippine National Police in 2016.
Under the new rules, exports of weapons will also be cheaper. Unlike the State Department, which has paid $ 2,240 for licenses for the issue of firearms, the Ministry of Commerce licensing process does not require payment.
Although some of the democratic opposition leads to new laws, it is likely that anyone can act. The New York Times reported that New Jersey Senator Ben Menendez, the Democrat of the Senate Foreign Relations Department, plans to take the rules. But in order to keep the rules out permanently, Congress has to pass a resolution that stops them, a maneuver that has rarely been tried and even less successful.
An official at the State Department spoke anonymously, since final laws were not publicly disclosed, emphasizing that all exports of firearms would be under the control of the US government through the Ministry of Commerce.
The change will significantly reduce the administrative burden on the US firearms and commercial ammunition industry, boost US exports, and formulate legal requirements for independent gunmen, while at the same time prioritizing national controls and continued capability, the official said. We are limiting exports where human rights, illegal trafficking and related matters are prohibited. "
In public comments sent to the federal agency, after the Trump government proposed the first law in May, the National Gun Association expressed its support, claiming that the Office of Commerce was fully capable of regulating arms exports.
However, the NRA, the Legislative Action Institute, a gun group deterring the government, urged the government to eliminate laws and even remove more categories of items from State Department controls, including silencers and high-volume magazines.
"The NRA believes that, in general, the proposal correctly addresses the requirements of national and global security, the allocation of regulatory resources and the promotion of American industry, the balance between innovation and competition is right," said Christopher Zeland, a senior lawyer at the group.
However, many of the nearly 3,000 comments by the government found that against the reduction of export regulations, there was a warning that there was a risk of increased smuggling of weapons and the need to enrich the gun industry.
"For a number of reasons, for the dictators, organized crime and terrorists will be easier to get weapons in a large amount," said Marilyn Gotterman. "Please do not let this happen in the name of peace and rationality."

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