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Gegli news - What 6G can bring - 5/2/2022 5:54:18 PM 5:54:18 PM 

Researchers in the UK are hoping to harness 6G technology to start virtual teleportation by sending all the human senses and to turn science fiction into science fact

 According to Rahim Tafazoli, the founder and director of the Institute for Communications Systems, since 1G, all the way to 5G, scientists managed to send only two of the human senses, which are seeing and hearing. Tafazoli and his team are now trying to add the other three senses, which are touch, taste, and smell.

To enable virtual reality images to interact will requires high accurate time synchronization which is not possible with 5G technology. However, once super fast 6G is possible, it will open huge possibilities. The technology could allow our virtual reality selves to do much more than only interact on a screen. For example, our doctor could come to our house, touch our hand, and feel our temperature, as if we were seeing him face to face in his office.

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