Soldiers give woman a cake

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Gegli news - Soldiers give woman a cake - 5/6/2022 4:51:55 PM 4:51:55 PM 

Meri Mion is from Italy. She is 90 years old. Her birthday is last week. She gets a special cake.

 Meri is 13 years old in World War II. German and US soldiers fight in Italy. It is the end of the war. Meri and her family hide on a farm. US soldiers liberate Italy. Meri’s birthday happens. Her mother bakes a birthday cake for Meri. She leaves the cake on a window. Then the cake disappears. Maybe hungry US soldiers steal the cake.

Meri gets a new cake 77 years later. US soldiers give Meri the cake. This event happens in her hometown of Vincenza.

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