Ernest Shackleton’s ship found

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Gegli news - Ernest Shackleton’s ship found - 5/12/2022 7:02:46 PM 7:02:46 PM 

is the year 1914. World War I is starting in Europe. Sir Ernest Shackleton is going on an expedition. Shackleton and his crew travel to the South Pole.

 They want to walk across Antarctica. Their ship is called Endurance. Problems come. The ship freezes in ice. It cannot move. The crew must wait for spring.

The ice starts to melt. It breaks the ship. The crew must leave. They camp on the ice. The ship sinks to the bottom of the sea.
Scientists find the ship this year. It is in 3,000 meters of water. It is in water for 107 years. It still looks very good.

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