Xbox players might want to check their Microsoft account balance

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Gegli news - Xbox players might want to check their Microsoft account balance - 5/17/2022 1:05:50 AM 1:05:50 AM 

Don't let your money slip away

 How often do you look at your Xbox wallet? If you’ve not checked your Microsoft account balance for a while, you might want to hop online and remind yourself if you’ve any leftover funds waiting to be spent. Your Microsoft account balance is used to buy Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One games from the digital Xbox store. But as Redditor Cg6554 recently pointed out, not all funds that are added to your digital wallet will last forever. They had the sad realization that their current balance was due to expire on July 9, giving them little time to decide what to spend their money on. If they hadn’t clocked the expiry date so soon, the funds might have disappeared before they could even be spent.

The post has generated a lot of discussion on the Xbox subreddit over account balance expiration dates. Some players have wondered how to check when their funds are going to disappear, and what they can do to stop them from expiring altogether.

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