Mount Etna Erupts

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Gegli news - Mount Etna Erupts - 5/27/2022 7:50:17 PM 7:50:17 PM 

Mount Etna is a volcano in Sicily, Italy. It is the tallest volcano in Europe. It is 3,357 meters tall.

 Mount Etna is very active. It is active almost all the time. Only sometimes, the volcano stops.

Mount Etna is near the city of Catania. The volcano is very dangerous in the past. People write about it 3,500 years ago. It erupts a lot. To erupt means that lava and smoke come out of it.
Etna is very active in 2021. It erupts 11 times in three weeks. The volcano gets 30 meters higher. Last week, it erupts again. People can see an orange river of lava at night. Planes can’t fly.

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