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Gegli news - After a few years, the PC version of FIFA 23 will finally be at the same level as the console version - 7/27/2022 1:53:59 PM 1:53:59 PM 

During this time, Electronic Arts faced a lot of criticism. These are more criticisms


During this time, Electronic Arts faced a lot of criticism. These criticisms were mostly in the field of computers. The computer version of FIFA generally does not use the advanced technologies of the 9th generation. This is despite the fact that some computers are much more powerful than 9th generation consoles. For example, there was no Hypermotion technology in 8th generation computers and consoles. This technology had a great impact on the movement of players.

In 2020, Electronic Arts announced that the FIFA 21 game will not use new technologies on the computer. Because the minimum system requirement for this game is low. By doing this, more people will have access to this game. The main problem is that there are many people who have powerful computers and will not have access to the new features of this game.

The financial manager of Electronic Arts said about the minimum system requirements of this game:

By doing this, the production team was able to attract more users to this game. We look at user statistics to choose which platform the game will be on. The information we obtained showed us the power of our users in the field of computers. If we used the latest technology on the computer, not many people would have access to it. For this reason, we decided to release the game in the form of the previous generation for the computer.

Now the situation is different. This year, more people have access to powerful computers and systems. On the other hand, mid-range devices have also become very powerful, which has made people more accessible to new technologies. Now there is no need for the technology of the PC version to be behind the console version.

This story of the PC version being weak has been going on for a long time. In principle, Electronic Arts has done its best to make FIFA games accessible to many people. For this reason, it minimizes the required system. However, as we said, according to the current conditions, there is no need for this anymore.

The FIFA 23 game uses the Cross Play feature. For this reason, players on different platforms can experience FIFA together. It is more important now than ever that the computer takes advantage of the features of the console version

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