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Gegli news - Get to know 12 interesting facts about gravity - 7/27/2022 2:02:03 PM 2:02:03 PM 

Gravity is one of the most mysterious forces of nature that causes


Gravity is one of the most mysterious forces of nature that causes two objects with mass to attract each other. In the meantime, the more the mass of an object, the more powerful the gravitational force will be, and this is how we and everything on earth are stuck to this earth.

1- Maybe gravity is a relatively constant thing on earth; But our understanding is not like that. According to a study published in April 2011, people judge falling objects better when they are sitting upright than when they are lying on their sides. The findings of this study indicate that our intention and understanding of gravity may be less based on visual signs of the actual direction of gravity and more rooted in body orientation.

2- The experience of astronauts has shown that going to the weightless state of space and returning to earth can be hard for the body. In the absence of gravity, muscles atrophy and the mass of bones decreases. According to NASA, astronauts can lose 1% of their bone mass per month in space.

3- Pluto may no longer be considered a planet, but its attraction is interesting. A 68 kg person on Pluto would weigh only 4.5 kg and conversely the same person on Jupiter would weigh 160.5 kg. On the other hand, Mars, which is the second option for humans after Earth, has only 38% of Earth's gravity, which means that a 68 kg person will weigh 26 kg on it.

4- Salmonella, a bacteria that usually causes food poisoning, becomes 3 times worse in microgravity. There is something about the lack of gravity that alters the activity of at least 167 Salmonella genes and 73 of its proteins. In one experiment, mice infected with non-attractant Salmonella became sick much faster than mice infected with natural Salmonella. In fact, there is a belief that in space, infections do not come from insects and other things that exist in space, but it is our own insects and bacteria that grow stronger there.

5- Several areas of the Hudson Bay and areas near Quebec are areas where gravity is not tangible.

6- In the largest moon of Saturn, Titan, the atmosphere is so thick and the gravity is so low that if humans attach wings to their hands, they can fly there.

7- In the absence of gravity or zero gravity, the candle flame burns round and blue.

8- The tallest possible mountains in a neutron star are only 5 mm high, due to the enormous gravity.

9- NASA can't send birds into space, because birds need gravity to swallow.

10- Humans usually feel the urge to urinate when the bladder reaches one-third, but in zero gravity, this feeling occurs when the bladder is almost full.

11- We not only see stars that are thousands of years away from us, but we also experience their gravity from 1000 years ago, not where they are now. We even feel the gravitational pull of stars that have burned out.

12- The apple did not hit Isaac Newton's head; But it made him think whether the force that causes the apple to fall also affects the movement of the moon and around the earth?


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