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پرينت خبر

Gegli news - Scientists discover a new dinosaur - 7/27/2022 11:33:06 PM 11:33:06 PM 

In Argentina, archaeologists found fossils of a ferocious dinosaur. The fossils will give insight into the evolution of some of the biggest predators on Earth.

 The new predatory dinosaur had tiny arms like the T-Rex, and scientists named it Meraxes gigas after a dragon from the book series ‘Game of Thrones’.

For scientists, the fossil is important because it’s the first complete fossil of a carcharodontosaur. It’s so complete that scientists can study everything from the whole arm down to the smallest toes, the whole foot, and the length of the head.

Although the animal weighed four tons, its arms were just over 60 centimeters long, which scientists say is absurdly short.

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