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Gegli news - How To Educate And Guide Your Teens About Dating - 7/29/2022 7:12:27 PM 7:12:27 PM 

Dating at a young age can be a confusing concept for many parents

Dating at a young age may come as an obscure concept to many parents. Dating at the teenage is generally considered unnecessary and is ignored by the parents. But, the parents and teachers need to understand that teenage is the time when the students start to experience many changes in the internal level. These changes are characterized by puberty and hormonal release in the body. These internal changes get reflected on the child’s personality and mindset. They start to develop new feelings, and their phase of attraction towards the opposite gender also commences.

At this confusing stage, known as teenagers, the children feel directionless and are generally confused about their feelings. They feel shy confronting their parents regarding such weird emotions, and if proper guidance is not provided, the tweens may end up taking some harsh decisions. Hence, as a parent, it is your prime responsibility to address your kids about these significant changes that they might experience in life.

Teens can feel an overwhelming emotion, which can cause them trouble.

Children can develop stress from the perspective of these unusual feelings.

In a hoard to discover the problems, the teens can also end up reaching out to the wrong sources and get inappropriate information.

They make rash decisions under the lack of proper guidance.

Influences that affects the teen’s dating behavior

Another factor that plays a significant role in this particular scenario is the societal and peer influence that a teen gets subjected to. Here are a few things that can affect the dating behavior of the kids:

They get influenced by their classmates and seniors of the school and experience peer pressure. They feel that they will only get validation if they find a girlfriend/ boyfriend.

Having a dating partner is considered as a cool practice during the teenage years.

Dating is seen as a trend among teenagers, and having a partner is considered to be necessary.

Natural feelings of affection and developing a crush is prevalent, but rejection can cause anxiety in the kids.

To please the opposite gender, the students tend to try out various things that may pass as inappropriate for that particular age.

What can parent’s do?


It is always better to have prior knowledge of things. Sit down and have a conversation with your child regarding this. Tell them that developing such feelings is entirely normal and a part of life. Encourage them to share their concerns with you.



Children should have adequate knowledge of sex and intimacy. Educate them about the contraceptives and process. Also, tell them about the consequences of their carelessness regarding the same.



Your child might already be distressed about the situation. Make sure that you support your child and help in coming to a proper conclusion regarding the case. Be their guide and tell them that you will always be their pillars.



Your teen, in the influence of societal pressure, may try something that can cause trouble. Confront your teen and make them understand that these trends are baseless. Their validation or popularity in society should not be justified based on pretense. Provide them real-life examples and prove to them that such patterns are short-lived and irrelevant in the future.



One of the most aspects of dating should be helping your kids realize that a person’s outward appearance is not everything. It is the inner personality that matters. To form high bonds, one need to have compatibility with the other person. Two people can never remain happy if they are together based on the looks. Looks are appearances temporary and deceptive. If your child understands this early on, they will be happier and experience a better life.

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