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Gegli news - Facebook apologize for unpublished photos after security flaws - شنبه 24 آذر 1397 1:57:34 AM 

 Facebook will apologize to millions of users on Friday that may expose their unpublished photos to third-party program developers.

Tomer Bar, a engineering director at Facebook, wrote in a blog post about this flaw: "We're sorry, this happened."
This defect allowed apps that users accessed through the social networking "Facebook Login" system to upload photos that were not posted on Facebook, as well as photos posted to the "Marketplace" of Facebook. And its features are Stories.
"The bug also affected the photos people uploaded to Facebook, but decided not to post."
Connected programs, which users signed with their Facebook account, can access user data types, including user names and profile images.
Facebook said the violation "up to 6.8 million users and up to 1500 apps created by 876 developers." The issue of the September 25th photo was discovered, just days before the social network actually announced that it was another security flaw, which details the company said 50 million users.
The photo flaw was first introduced on September 13th, meaning that developers can access photos for 12 days for users. Facebook shared how they were affected by the number of affected users or possible applications. Facebook also does not say if it has found that any photo user has access.
With respect to privacy concerns in 2018, the company is looking specifically at user-accessible data from developers of the program, following the revelation that Campaign analytica political consultancy is able to access data from more than 80 million users. Is.
The security issue will take place the day after the "Facebook pop-up" privacy in New York City, staffing it helps people update their privacy settings.
Erin Egan has been campaigning for Facebook privacy with GEGLI News on issues related to the security and privacy of social media giant media this year.
"It's not something we can completely win," said Egan. "When things go wrong, we act quickly and are transparent about it."
Aigan said Facebook has tripled the number of employees working on security and safety teams.
Facebook has come to the conclusion that their personal photos may have been visited on the guide page, which is a tool for users to determine if they are affected.

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