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Gegli news - Saudi Arabia rejects Senate rejection of the Khashoggi case - سه شنبه 27 آذر 1397 1:12:13 AM 

 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-Saudi Arabia, again issued a murderous Senate on Monday, describing the rejection of a bipartisan resolution that offended Saudi Saudi journalist Jamal Khashaghchi over Saudi Arabian prince, calling it an interference in affairs A kingdom.

The last sign that the relationship between the royal court and the congregation has disappeared more than two months after corruption was killed by Saudi agents inside the Indonesian Consulate in Istanbul. The killers have been linked with Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman.
US Senators announced yesterday that they were taking action against the Prince to kill Rhode Island and urged Riyadh to "provide adequate accountability." The senators also adopted a separate measure calling for an end to US aid to the Saudi-led war in Yemen.
In a long speech early Monday, Saudi Arabia said that the resolution of the United States Senate "contains intense differences" in the internal affairs of the country, undermining its regional and international role. The statement also stated that the resolution was based on "unfair claims and statements".
"The kingdom categorically denies any interference in its internal affairs, any allegations in any way that its leadership discovers ... and any attempt to weaken its sovereignty or to reduce it."
This language is usually for those who criticize the Kurdish human rights record, such as Sweden in 2015 after the general blogger's whipping up, and Canada this month to arrest women's rights activists.
But the statement also stated that the kingdom reaffirms its "commitment to relations with the United States" and describes the Senate as "a credible constitution for a united and friendly state."
President Donald Tamping, despite US intelligence officials, has concluded that Prince Mohammed should at least be aware of the plan, he was reluctant to condemn the Prince of Spring. Instead, Tramp traded Saudi arms worth billions of dollars and thanked the Saudis for lowering oil prices.
Saudi Arabia condemned that Prince Mohammed was involved in the killing of October 2, 2008, a Washington Post columnist who mainly wrote the Baha'i Prince. The kingdom recently reaffirmed under intense international pressure that the plan is being led by senior Saudi officials close to Prince Mohammed.
Saudi Arabia, after a change in the accounts of the corruption incident, Saudi Arabia, said his investigation concluded that the Prince's agents had intended to return the bombing to Saudi Arabia, and that the perpetrators on earth were more than their own, and that he Killed.
Saudi Arabia's statement said the Senate's position on "central role in the region" and the stabilization of international energy markets, counter-terrorism cooperation and stand-up with the United States would not be effective against Iran.
They send "misleading messages to everyone who wants to create a gap in Saudi relations."

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