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Gegli news - Indonesia is drowned in a high alert for a new tsunami as a volcano rumbles - شنبه 8 دی 1397 3:03:41 PM 

 CILEGON, Indonesia - The streets of the city were still on Thursday, officials continued to expand the danger area, continuing the threat from an island volcano that killed more than 430 people after a tsunami.

Officials of the three levels of the tsunami warning issued their second highest-level system and searched for flights as an emergency crew that still searched victims from the unexpected wave of the weekend.
The Anak Krakatau eruption on Saturday caused part of the island in the Sunda Strait to fall into the sea, producing massive tsunami waves.
The country's disaster response center doubled on Thursday the danger zone in the 3200-foot area of ​​zoning and warned people to stop the water's edge due to the threat of another tsunami caused by the ongoing eruptions of Krakatau. Be
Faisal Mohammad Kayes told GEGLI news agency that he is being held by phone with his phone for evacuation warnings by the authorities.
"I'm very worried because we are very close to the sea," he said.
Cilegon sits in the west of the capital, about 3 miles from the coast of the Java, which, along with Sumatra, suffered the largest tsunami.
AirNav Indonesia spokeswoman Johan Syrt told reporters that planes were forced to force alternate Thursdays to prevent volcanic ash fungus that would prevent Anak Krakatau. Most scheduled flights through the Jakarta capital have not been affected.
Although the ash is thrown more than 6 miles to the sky, airports that do not have to close to the injured tsunami to distribute assistance and resources.
Clouds of ash and sand have reached Cilegon, covered with parked cars and streets with a thin layer of dust. People were warned at home, and those who had to go outside were demanding wearing masks and safety glasses.
Parents' conditions were small. "I'm worried about my son's breathing," Iput Salima told GEGLI News about her four year old boy.
Not all the time to prepare. Lia Amelia, 20, who works in an exciting boutique, said she has forgotten to buy a mask, but if the tsunami is damaged, she is ready to rise to the ground.
Ships and cruisers in the Sunda Strait have warned that a safe distance from Krakatau Island and preparing for severe conditions.
A tsunami on the coast of Saturday after a 158-acre rock from south-west of Anak Krakatau - size of nearly 120 football fields - falling to the ocean. The shock, equivalent to a 3.4-degree earthquake, triggered a wave that shook the Earth 24 minutes later.
Disaster strikes on Saturday without warning, kidnapped people with amazement in a country that regularly attacks earthquakes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The large earthquake did not rock the land before, and the waves stayed around the clock during a weekend holiday, while people enjoyed the concert and other beach and recreational activities.
The volcano has sunk for several months.
There is no warning system for tsunamis caused by a volcano. The existing systems are based on monitoring earthquakes, which officials have said are 90 percent of the tsunami in the region.
Dozens of misfortunes have been lost on Saturday and thousands have been displaced. The Emergency Situation Helps to Distribute January 4th.
Sarah Harman and Gibez-Joseph of Cilegon with Linda Givetash from London.

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