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Gegli news - Rezvani Tank - یکشنبه 14 بهمن 1397 12:02:15 AM 


Rezvani is an American car design company run by an Iranian American called Fris Rezvani.

Rezvani was already working on the design of Aston Martin and Ferrari vehicles.

The most famous machines of this company are Rezvani Twenty and Rezvani Tank.

The v8 engine is the 6.4-liter model used by Dodge Challenger and Jeep Grand Cherokee, with 500 horsepower.

Rezvani Tank is an original car with a ride on the Jeep Rangler technical system, one of the most famous open-air cars in the world today.

The Rezvani tank is not a regular car but more like a sports tank.

Military features and facilities like temperature cameras, night vision cameras, headset disposables, LED offshore lighting support this claim.

You can also order the Rezvani tank with a bulletproof body.

The upcoming and fascinating look, the powerful 500hp engine, Aphrod's abilities and strange options are the positive points of the Rezvanian tanks.

The car does not have a lot of disadvantages, but it can be said that the Rezvani tanks are not really the original car and the Jeep Rangler is a disadvantage.

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