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Gegli fact checking service

1/10/2023 2:14:35 PM 2:14:35 PM 

Gegli news

 To fight fake news and misinformation, Gegli's social network has created a section for you to fact-check the news you receive from social media.

To use it, you can simply take a screenshot of the news or information you receive on social media and send it to us using this link to fact-check it. You can also send more information about the news you received along with the screenshot.

You can access this feature from your home page, similar to the screenshot below, or simply click here. Then we will start fact-checking your screenshot, and in 24 hours, we will put the results here with full descriptions. We will also notify you about this through email.

To send a screenshot for fact-checking, click here

To view the fact-checked news, click here

Thank you very much,

Gegli Social Network support team

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