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Gegli is a social network with advance facilities.

Ruls and regulations which all members of Gegli (as well as MainSystem,Gegli,Baxblog,Ketabezard) should read , accept and respect.

Gegli is a social network service
Lots of facilities have been placed in this website that you will be informed after memberships
Responsibility of all the entered information such as name, email address, phone numbers and photo lies on someone who has filled the form
Some emails are sent to you from the website that you can do the necessary settings from your homepage if you don't like to receive them
Part of website sections is accessible for paid members
Gegli rules and regulations may be altered without notifying you however you can always read the last version of Gegli rules and regulations from here
Putting some one's else phone number in the website is against the law
You are not allowed to place pornographic pictures in your photo album and if you violate it all the responsibility lies with you
Please inform us if you observe any violation of law through links placed in the website
Your IP is registered while applying for membership in Gegli therefore if lodging judicial complaint against you your IP will be delivered to judicial authorities and then having your exact address and accessing to you will be possible