The car, which is called TJ, will be considered as the next generation of Toyota products.... Continue reading

The Israelis have filed Palestinian shooting records behind

A security camera video taken from a restaurant in the city of Tulkarem shows that the 22-year-old pedestrian on the street is holding a stick shot at his back. ... Continue reading

The AT & T Office and the Justice Department have over $ 85.4 billion time Warner acquistion.

One of the analysts said: "The bottom line: We are the AT & T ruler, referring to some of the questions referred to the DOJ by a judge Circuit D.C." ... Continue reading

Germany, France, according to reports, has agreed to host the Iranian-Union trade mechanism

France and Germany agreed to host a special vehicle for an agreement to continue trade between Iran and the European Union. The eighth week of Germany has confirmed the diplomatic circles. ... Continue reading

Egypt begins earthquake investigations with nude images atop Great Pyramid

Egyptian authorities are investigating the images of Danish photographer Andreas Hoveid of sex at the top of the Giza Great Pyramid. ... Continue reading

Aquarius marine rescue vessel stops the Mediterranean Sea patrols

"The waterfall means more deaths in the sea, and more harmless mortality is unconscious." ... Continue reading

The Ukrainian war law is disappointed after the Russian invasion

Russian ships fired last month, then burned three Ukrainian ships on the Black Sea, and then fought for potential invasion. ... Continue reading

China has a historic mission to the moon's far side

If it succeeds, the peaks of this year will be a major advance for the Chinese space program ... Continue reading

Rang Rover

The new generation of Iowa Rang Rover is an evolution, not a revolution !!!!!... Continue reading

Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai's largest Hyundai vehicle to date!... Continue reading

OPEC can survive Trump, Putin, and a pullout by Qatar?

"It's not OPEC ... Putin and Tramp are currently killing the strings," said one oil analyst. ... Continue reading

Eiffel Tower to close Saturday due to planned Paris protests"Yellow vest"

Minister of Culture Franck Riester told gegli, "We can not take the risk when we know the threat."... Continue reading

Two killed and several injured in terrorist attacks in Chabahar, Iran

According to preliminary reports, at 9:30 am on Thursday, an explosion and shooting at a southeastern port of Chabahar near the Pakistani border are heard. ... Continue reading

Killing the deadliest Californian volcano in the lawsuit filed for improper transmission

A petition claims that the Fire Camp, which killed at least 88 people, began by a defective tower that destroyed dangerous wires. ... Continue reading

Trump Attorneys, Special Advice in the Discussion After posting a letter from the President's responses

Washington - The lawyers of the president have, in recent days, negotiated with Special Adviser, Radio Muller, since UN Secretary-General Donald Tamping on the probability of an agreement between the 2016 and Russia elections, two familiar with this issue, NBC News Said on Thursday.... Continue reading

The reindeer in Sweden usually migrate in November. But there is still no snow.

"I can not ask my father what to do, because he has not seen this; it has happened throughout his life." ... Continue reading

Samsung has been using the DSLR image on the Galaxy A8 Star landing page

However, it's safe to never assume that phone makers promote their phones using real photos taken with the product they advertise. Is this fake advertisement? Only if an explicit note tells one thing and lies about it. Otherwise, is it a comment? ... Continue reading

These words changed George H.W. Bush's presidency

The Republicans never saw him, the Democrats were in the best interest. But the next year, the former president, seemed to think that he had not made a mistake. ... Continue reading

Hassan Rouhani President of iran threatens to cut off Persian Gulf oil

Rouhani has recently threatened to stop the Persian Gulf in July, when he warns that the United States should not play with the tail He reduced the economic impact of US sanctions and accused the media of overcoming the country's problems... Continue reading

Genesis G70

Genesis G70 became the 2019 top car.... Continue reading

NEW Porsche 911 (922)

The new generation of Porsche 911 was unveiled.... Continue reading

American families held in Iran ask Trump to issue visas to high-ranking Iranian children.

Families in Tramp claimed to have directed a list of Iranians in the United States as children or relatives of senior Iranian officials, including President Rouhani. ... Continue reading

China and the United States agree on fentanyl at the G-20 summit

Fentanyl, an artificial drug, is highly addictive and is 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine. It adds to the heroin to increase the ability of the drug. ... Continue reading

The Dutch court rejected man's for 20 years younger

The court stated that "there was a trend in the community for people who had been fitnessful and healthy for a long time, but did not consider this an valid argument to correct a person's birthday. ... Continue reading

George Soros University, expelled from Hungary, will move to Vienna

Its president is an unparalleled member of an American university by a NATO member and against a European university by a member of the E.U. ... Continue reading

Buhari President of Nigeria denied death, being replaced by lookalike

His comments were published in a statement entitled "This Is My Real, President Bohari Answers to Cloning's Claims."... Continue reading

Demonstration of "yellow jacket" in France Drying gas stations; Paris revolts worsened since 1968

Saturday's unrest after the student uprising five decades ago was worse in the capital of Paris.... Continue reading

Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk is more like a motorcycle than a motorbike like Batman.... Continue reading

McLaren Speed ​​Tail

McLaren Speed ​​Tail is a combination of art and science that is amazingly fast. ... Continue reading

Does Google hurt local search rivals? E.U. Ask antitrust regulators

Google has been fined € 6.76 billion ($ 7.7 billion) over the past 17 months by European regulators. ... Continue reading

Ukraine will prevent men from entering Russia

President Petro Poroshenko was subjected to military conditions this week, fearing a possible strike against Russia after three arrests were arrested on the Azov Sea. ... Continue reading


Lucid is one of the world's leading automotive and luxury car companies. ... Continue reading

How did Microsoft make Apple the most valuable company in the world?

The growth of Microsoft's cloud business in the first quarter of 2019 reached 76 percent. ... Continue reading

The Russian-Ukrainian maritime conflict includes a point of view on the 1994 agreement

Washington would pay half a billion dollars to Ukraine to transfer 5,000 nuclear weapons to Russia to be abandoned after the deal. ... Continue reading

BMW iNext

The CEO of the BMW Vision iNext replies to the question of how a car that does not need a driver, but if it wants to be a driver.... Continue reading

Dead Sea is dying. The target of 1.5 billion is to revive it

Some experts believe that the warmest sea will dry in the winter until 2050, while others predict that it will only finish a small amount of its current size. ... Continue reading


A new version of the Toyota Prius full-sale car is also equipped with minor changes to the four-wheel drive AWD .... Continue reading

Who are the protesters of the "yellow jacket" in France and what do they want?

The "forgotten middle class" has reached the streets of the country. An expert said: "They feel that the political elites have forgotten about them." ... Continue reading

After seven minutes of teror, NASA's geology landed on Mars

Scientists hope to get more information about what's beneath the surface of Mars after 301 million miles of travel at $ 850 million. ... Continue reading


The first trick to escape is on the way !!!!... Continue reading

The snow storm brooks shut down the schools and ground flights

Winter storms warnings and warnings issued for a large part of the central and major lake areas.... Continue reading

Top 10 safest country for tourists and travel

When it comes to traveling abroad, personal safety and security are a major concern. Here are ten of the safest countries to consider before going on to your next international journey.... Continue reading

The North California fire was finally burnt for more than 2 weeks

The deadliest country's fire in one century killed at least 85 people, and 249 are among those not calculated for them. Approximately 19,000 buildings, most homes have gone.... Continue reading


History of Bugatti... Continue reading

Nissan GT-R 50

The Nissan GT-R 50 is a 50th anniversary GT-R designed and manufactured by Ital Dizayn.... Continue reading

A 13-year-old activist with autism, plans to close quarantine rooms in schools

When I asked for help or asked if someone is there, no one answers. I felt lonely. I felt scared... Continue reading

Bad weather from camps in California makes people sick, but for how long?

Feeling that there is something in the chest, which is a bit painful. A researcher said it's only a few days and disappears.... Continue reading

Barry Larsen

Barry Larsen spoke about school failure:... Continue reading

tom hardi

tom hardi in fonzo film... Continue reading

Nissan fires Carlos Ghosn after arrest

He's accused of reporting $ 44.6 million in personal income ... Continue reading