Melania has no intention of profiting from public position,

A day after Melania Trump filed a lawsuit accusing a British news company of hurting her ability to build a profitable brand, her representatives issued statements saying that the first lady “has no intention” of using her public position for personal gain. ... Continue reading

No Trump speech in UK parliament

The speaker of the UK House of Commons says he is "opposed" to a speech by US President Donald Trump in Westminster Hall, particularly after his order for imposition of a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. ... Continue reading

2015 APSA awards Iranian actress Motamed-Aria

The 2015 edition of Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) has awarded Iranian actress Fatemeh Motamed-Aria during a ceremony held in Brisbane, Australia. ... Continue reading

Mexicans grow united over Trump's border wall, urge US goods boycott

Mexican patriotism has surged in response to US President Donald Trump’s decision to start building a wall on the Mexican border and threats to have Mexicans pay for it. ... Continue reading

Trump slams negative polls as 'fake news'

President Donald Trump has dismissed recent opinion polls suggesting he has one of the worst initial approval ratings in US history, insisting that "any negative polls are fake news." ... Continue reading

Russia disagrees with US on Iran characterization

Russia says it disagrees with the administration of US President Donald Trump’s characterization of Iran as a “terrorist state.” ... Continue reading

Netanyahu urges May to follow Trump's lead on Iran sanctions

British Prime Minister Theresa May is hosting her Israeli counterpart in Downing Street, with Benjamin Netanyahu saying that "responsible" countries should follow US President Donald Trump in imposing new sanctions against Iran. ... Continue reading