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Gegli news - Trump believes in friends who are concerned about the revision - 12/13/2018 6:26:19 PM 6:26:19 PM 

Despite the general announcements that he has no problems, the president has told the people close to him that he has expressed concern about the outlook for relief.

 Washington - Despite Donald Troup's public announcement, he announced that he was not concerned about a revision, according to various sources, in recent days, he told people close to him that he was worried about the prospect.

Terror sources say Trump's fears have risen as a result of federal investigations involving their counterparts and democratic control of the bathroom at home, and their allies believe that he has chosen to support his Republican deployment to win the current election Vital to save him presidential
On Wednesday, Trump delivered another blow when federal prosecutors announced an agreement with American Media Inc. in which a publisher's publisher admitted to pay $ 150,000 in 2016 to defuse a woman claiming to The relationship with Trump in coordination with his presidential campaign, to prevent his influence in the election.
An agreement with a prosecutor in the southern district of New York after being admitted by a former lawyer, President Michael Cohen, has been accepted that he will violate the financial rules of the campaign by paying tramps for women in 2016.
"The whole question of whether the president has committed a controversial fine is now relying on the testimony of two men: David Packer and Alan Wieselberg, both witnesses working together for SDNY research," Trump's close counterpart to GEGLI News said.
Wislerberg is the main financial officer of the Trump organization, claiming to be at the Center for Monetary Operations. He has been reported to be immune for his testimony. Pecker is the executive director of AMI.
The transformation of Trump as the only party that argues that payments were intended to lead to influence in the election.
They are also looking for a head start for irregularities, with no consensus around the choice, only in the wake of numerous potential candidates that they are not in business.
The president is still in the process of gaining a team to fight the possible congressional investigations, as well as numerous federal research efforts of his colleagues. He has been invited to friends outside of the White House and his allies in Capitol Hill to bring in the entrances. On Wednesday, the president was not in the oval office until noon.
The White House denied commenting on the report.
However, despite its frustrations behind the scenes, Trump has tried to maintain a state of confidence.
"It's hard to force someone to do something and be the biggest economy in our country's history," Trump said in an interview with Reuters. "I'm not worried, I think that if this happens, people will rebel."
Some Republican lawmakers reported that the tight Wall of Tramp's support for the federal investigation has intensified after Friday's prosecutors stated Trump had ordered Cohen to arrange for illegal payments to two women.
"I'm worried that the president might be involved in a crime," said Republican Senate Bill Cassidy, Louisiana, to reporters on Tuesday.
The Republican senator, Marco Rubio of Florida, on Wednesday, explored with caution the possible involvement of Trump in violating the campaign's financial rules: "If anyone has violated the law, they should use the law for any other citizen. It comes in this country, and if you know that you are in a powerful position like the presidency, this can be. "
Rubio's decision on how Congress should respond to the ultimate findings of federal scholars in payments "will not be political decision-making, it's the fact that we are a nation of laws, and no one in this country does not care who you are." Higher than that. "
However, Republican lawmakers have largely refused to comment on the latest complications in the investigation of close relatives of Tramp, and informed him of their strong support.
Speaker of the House of Lords, Democrat Jerry Nadelro of New York, said that the president might endure "controversial crimes."
The federal prosecutor in New York states that charges have been violated by the financial rules of the campaign and by Cohen "in coordination and in the direction of the Tramp."
The president told GEGLI reporters on Tuesday that he was using GEGLI's New York Times reporters to use his staff and lawmakers at Capitol Hill, threatening a summoned Democratic parliament, a series of congressional investigations, cases, one An untapped effort to find a new head of staff and the shutdown of the private sector is potentially due to lack of funding for their big promises in the campaign - the border wall.
Trump tells GEGLI News about why no one around him does anything to prevent any of them, and believes in lack of support for him at the Congress and at his White House.
In addition to the much-anticipated Muller report on Russian research, Democrats can ask SDNY prosecutors to similarly share their case details with Kuhn, which is related to the president.
Trump in recent days has made it possible for people close to him to be known, which has caused a new vulnerability to the president.

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