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Gegli news - Brexit's vote was delayed by Teresa May. what will happen? - 12/13/2018 6:30:36 PM 6:30:36 PM 

One expert said, "I think we are beyond the scene where little of the unicellular dust in the political declaration is just spinning for him".

 London - In this unfortunate incident in England, this week was supposed to turn on bridging.

There is no doubt that at 11 pm, Prime Minister Thiersa could have stopped one of the most commonly elected parliamentary wishes from Britain in the 2016 presidential election.
Then on Wednesday, some of his party's legislators were trying to leave him. He survived a mistrust vote, but he hit hard on his power. It may also not be possible to find a solution to his country.
Brexit is complicated and may even frighten the British, who are trying to cope with these issues. And if the outlook is unclear before Monday, maybe it may be more.
"I'm just as indirect as everyone else," said Anand Menon, a professor of European policy and foreign policy at King's College in London. "You may also speak to someone else you see on the street."
Here are five potential scenarios that can be played in the coming weeks.
U.K. There is now a deep-seated relationship with E.U. As one of its 28 member states.
Members of the British Parliament or parliamentarians are now trying to decide on these links after the UK leaves the club on March 29th.
Prime Minister deals with E.U. But most British legislators hate it. It was almost certain that he would be defeated in defeating the despicable titles - that's why he had dragged the vote that was originally scheduled for Tuesday.
The easiest way to solve Brexit's problem, at least for now, is if the prime minister finds a way through the House of Commons.
In the current mode, this seems impossible. The maths of the parliament are rising against May, while 100 of 315 party lawmakers are openly opposed to this plan. His greatness was on Wednesday, after 117 of these politicians were held against the fog in unsuccessful elections.
Both pro-legislators and Brexit have a list of concerns. One of the most important of these, Brexit means the border between Northern Ireland, part of South Korea, and the Republic of Ireland, a separate country, part of E.U.
The border is now more or less invisible and there are no checkpoints.
This puzzle is how to create a boundary that brings goods and people who are from E.U. The border, but the danger of returning to the "problems" - a clash that has for decades Ireland and U.K. Until a peace deal broke out in 1998.
Some fears of restoring the physical boundary can exacerbate tensions and even spread violence.
In an effort to resolve this issue, the May plan includes what is called "Irish".
This is an insurance policy that if U.K. And E.U. Can not agree on a solution to this border issue. By avoiding limiting the difficulties by joining Northern Ireland to the regulations of E.U.
However, some worry that creating a law for Northern Ireland and another for the rest of U.K. - England, Scotland and Wales - are potentially the risk of eradicating the country. Scotland voted up at E.U. And its government may request a similar contract.
Others say that backstop to E.U. Too power
That's why May's deal with severe disappointments. He is now coming to Europe to look for "guarantees" that this basketball will never be used.
What he hopes is uncertain. E.U. Officials say they will not move on to what they have previously provided, except for some interesting changes, they may have to persuade several lawmakers in their party to change their position in their bid.
"I think we are beyond the stage where a little bit of unilateral dust in the political declaration intends to rotate him for it," said Menon, director of The U.K. In a changing center of Europe.
While May's proposal seems dead in water, most legislators still support Brexit.
According to Charles Grant, director of the Center for Analytical Reform of Europe, the majority may have a "softer" exit than what the Prime Minister has proposed.
Some legislators have something like the deal that Norway gives, in E.U. But it has access to its single market, which allows goods, services and people to freely flow.
"We can be much softer for Brexit, especially with the option of Norway, which may change through the parliament if the political declaration changes," Grant said.
Another option is the "Canada Plus" imitation of free trade between Ottawa and E.U.
The deal's re-negotiation takes time to be increasingly shortened to legislators.
The opposition Labor Party has deeply criticized the government's efforts. But this has also been criticized for failing to provide a coherent alternative.
Jeremy Corbin, the leader of work, remains vague in his position, but it's not a secret that he is an old-fashioned uniprofessional. He has resisted the demands to become a prominent voice in the anti-terrorist movement, instead, the worker's position on the general election must be done in order to succeed in failing to succeed in May.
His opponents say he did not explain exactly what he would do.
The power to obtain the need to convince a majority of legislators to return an untrustworthy move to the conservative government of May.
After condemning the losses in the general elections last year, the other parliament will not punish the absolute majority. Instead, he supports the Democratic Union Party, a small group of Northern Ireland who has served as its parliamentary leaders.
The Scottish National Party and other smaller groups say they will have an unreliable move. But Corbin needs Democratic unions to confront conservatives, something they have said they do not want to do. So, unless something changes, it's hard to see how it can do the audit work.
In any case, a new prime minister or a new government can not be a solution for himself: a new leader still needs to solve the Brexit problem. Failure to do so would lead to ...
However, there are parliamentarians and many members of the public who want a second referendum, called the People's Voice.
The thought behind this is that although people are leaving for E.U. Have voted, there's no option to say what should be after Brexit U.K.
Now that there is a clearer idea of the options available, so the fighters say, it's only right that people are asking if they still have what they want.
Since Brexit's time is very low, it probably needs an extension of Article 50, which, contrary to its cancellation, supports the E.U. needs.

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