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Gegli news - Police say that probably the "most likely" Swedish crown jewelry has been found - 2/7/2019 7:55:18 PM 7:55:18 PM 

Two 17th-century crowns belonging to King Karl IX and Queen Kristina, and a royal orb, were snatched in July heist.


Police believe some crocheted jewelry in Sweden has been found on a garbage bin on the outskirts of Stockholm.
Officials said that "each of the signs" shows that they had the works that were kidnapped in Hollywood's astonishment last summer, including sailing boats
Two 17th-century crowns originally belonging to King Karl IX and Queen Kristina, as well as a royal orb were taken in the July raid on Strängnäs Cathedral, located west of Stockholm.
Stolen items are made of gold, precious stones and pearls, and are locked on the screen with alarms. The robbery was just before noon on the day the Cathedral opened for visitors.
Criminals are believed to have escaped from an extensive network of lakes.
The Swedish police confirmed on Tuesday that a security guard had noticed that they were found as crown jewels in the northern suburbs of Åkersberga.
"Any indication now shows that the stolen sculpture stolen by Karl IX was found in the Stockholm area, but the police are working heavily to confirm it 100%."
They are willing to provide more information about their efforts to validate the cases, but a spokesman said they were likely to "lost crown jewelry." However, it was unclear whether the two crowns of the items in the bucket Were garbage.
One is involved in robbery proceedings.
Last year, jewelry from the royal family of Qatar was also kidnapped from the exhibition in Venice. It's believed that shipping is worth a few million dollars

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