Dutch aid group sends another ambulance convoy to Ukraine

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Gegli news - Dutch aid group sends another ambulance convoy to Ukraine - 5/10/2022 7:00:18 PM 7:00:18 PM 

The Dutch aid group, Zeilen van Vrijheid, has sent its seventh humanitarian aid convoy comprised of seven vehicles to Ukraine, Dutch News reports.

 The convoy includes a custom-made neonatal ambulance with items such as a baby incubator with a specialised neonatal ventilator and a Lifepak 15 unit with a patient monitor and defibrillator, Dutch News reported. Pavlo Fednov, the advisor to Ukraine’s health ministry, will drive the convoy from Amsterdam to Odesa. “The unique location and length of the Odesa region make it impossible to evacuate newborns simultaneously from different hospitals in remote areas of the region,” Fednov told Dutch News. “Timely and comfortable transportation plays a crucial role,” he added. Zeilen Van Vrijheid (Sails of Freedom) brings together volunteers who collect and buy medical and humanitarian aid to send it to those who need it in Ukraine. The founders are from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia and have direct contact with various Ukrainian hospitals and government offices. On  26 March, the organisation sent eight ambulances filled with supplies to Ukraine. Since the organisation was founded, the group has sent 42 ambulances and one fire truck to Ukraine. “In a neonatal ambulance, the equipment is more important than the vehicle. The construction is very sensitive as the medical devices need to be properly placed in the ambulance and fixed according to high standards of neonatal care,” said Veronika Mutsei, Zeilen van Vrijheid’s chairwoman, Dutch News reported. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to an increase in premature deliveries due to the stress pregnant mothers face because of the war.

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