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Gegli news - Man accused of killing wife on Fiji honeymoon after body found in luxury hotel - 7/21/2022 8:43:50 PM 8:43:50 PM 

According to the New York Post a couple had been staying at

The couple had been staying at an exclusive resort familiar to celebrities and Hollywood insiders

A Memphis man has been accused of killing his newlywed wife while on their Fiji honeymoon following a “whirlwind romance”, according to reports.

According to the New York Post, Robert Dawson was charged with murder after Christe Chen was found dead at a scenic Fiji resort in the Yasawa Islands.

A lawyer for Mr Dawson told news station Fox 13 he could not confirm how his 26-year-old bride died, but that her body was discovered in a hotel room.

The lawyer also said his 38-year-old client has maintained he is innocent of the murder accusation.

The Fiji Sun reported authorities requested a judge order Mr Dawson to submit a DNA sample after the defendant refused the forensics tests following the July 9 death.

Magistrate Sekonaia Vodokisolomone said the DNA request, as well as a bail application, would need to be made in the High Court in Lautoka after the case was transferred during the hearing, the paper said.

One neighbour of the couple told Fox 13 that Ms Chen was elated about the trip to Fiji days before they departed from the new home the two had moved into in Memphis.

Ms Chen was a pharmacist at Kroger and a graduate of the University of Tennessee. Her LinkedIn profile also indicated she was the owner and pastry chef at a business called Sweet As Pie Bakery in Denver, Colorado until 2017.

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