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Gegli news - police chief bragged about shooting black man 119 times - 7/23/2022 8:15:04 PM 8:15:04 PM 

A police chief in Mississippi was fired Wednesday after a leaked recording

A police chief in Mississippi was fired Wednesday after a leaked recording showed that the official had bragged about killing 13 people in the line of duty and used the n-word repeatedly, including to describe one Black person the White man says he shot at least 119 times.
The racist, homophobic and expletive-laden remarks that Sam Dobbins, the chief in the small town of Lexington, made during an April conversation with an officer caused an uproar this week in the Mississippi Delta community.
The roughly 16-minute conversation, which was first reported by the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting, was recorded by Robert Lee Hooker, a Black man who resigned as an officer from the Lexington Police Department last week due to what he described as a toxic work environment.
In the recording, later obtained by The Washington Post, Dobbins can be heard boasting to Hooker about all of the men he killed when he was an officer.
“I’ve killed 13 men in my career, justified,” he said, according to the recording. “In my line of duty, I have shot and killed 13 different people.”

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