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پرينت خبر

Gegli news - New industrial zones in Egypt - 7/27/2022 11:15:14 PM 11:15:14 PM 

Egypt is building a vast industrial zone on a reclaimed mudflat on the Mediterranean, just east of the Suez Canal.

 The zone is one of four under construction along the canal, and it’ll produce goods for both the domestic market and export. The Suez Canal is a transit route for about 15% of global shipping traffic, and officials hope that the strategic location of the zones means that they will succeed. The area along the canal stretches over 16 million square kilometers, and factories will be able to ship their products to Europe in 48 hours.

During the pandemic, supply chains from China were interrupted or halted, and officials believe that the new industrial zones will present an alternative for such situations in the future. The project is a part of a comprehensive plan to develop the entire area, and it’s expected to take 15 years

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