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Gegli news - Micron's new technology makes it possible to make SSD memories with a capacity of 200 TB - 7/28/2022 1:29:27 PM 1:29:27 PM 

Micron, the American manufacturer of memory and storage space, has started production and supply of the first 232-layer NAND memory in Singapore.


Micron, an American memory and storage space manufacturer, has started manufacturing and shipping the first 232-layer NAND memory in Singapore. This is the first time a NAND memory manufacturer has exceeded 200 layers for its product, and could eventually lead to the world's first 200TB SSD memory.

Micron's new NAND memory is 50 percent faster than its predecessor, built with 176 layers, and speeds up to 2.4 Gbps. The company also announced that its 232-layer NAND memory has the highest areal density in the industry, and its capacity and energy efficiency have increased over Micron's previous NAND memories.

Scott DeBoer, Micron's executive vice president of technology and products, said in the company's press release:

Micron's 232-layer NAND memory is considered an important milestone in this field and for the first time shows the potential of producing these memories with more than 200 layers.

According to Micron, their new NANA memory is being manufactured at the company's Singapore factory and will be shipped to customers in parts. However, it will probably take a long time for the 200TB SSD memory to be available to users. Currently, 100TB drives cost around $40,000, and expect the 200TB option to be even more expensive.

In 2020, Nimbus Data CEO Tomas Isakovich said in his interview with Techradar Pro that depending on when the NAND density increases, 200TB memories will be produced in 2021 and 400TB memories will probably be produced by 2023. The spread of the Corona epidemic has certainly delayed their release, but it seems that now there is not much left to release 200 TB memories to the market.

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