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Gegli news - Agra Rs - شنبه 13 بهمن 1397 11:58:24 PM 


Agra Rs is currently recording five world records of its own name, perhaps the most important of which is the maximum speed achieved.

With a 458-km-high-speed road car, Königsberg, in a statement released today, congratulates Agere Rs on pre-buyers and congratulates them on having one of the most popular super cars in the world.

The Agere Rs has registered a zero-speed record of up to 400 km / h and a zero at 33.29 seconds.

Recorded at zero to 400 km / h in 24 seconds, and then to slow the car to zero by braking It was also 9.29 seconds needed.

The total of this stop operation was at a distance of about 500 meters.

Another record that Rs has recorded in its name is the length of time to travel a quarter mile, which lasted only 9.96 seconds, the record high-speed average on a public road for a mile distance is also 445.6 km / h, both Agera Rs have been registered.

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