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Gegli video call

12/26/2022 4:13:32 AM 4:13:32 AM 

Gegli news


Dear Gegli users,

We are proud to announce that we have recently added a video-calling feature to your profile to allow you to stay in touch with your friends and family. 

All the connections are 100% secure. They are peer-to-peer encrypted, without any interference from Gegli servers.

To start video calling, go to the user profile you want to call. If the user is online,  you will see a call button near other buttons in their profile (similar to the figure below). Click the button and wait for the user to accept or deny your call. If that person responds to your request, you will be informed. If you leave the page, your call will be ended.




On the other hand, when you receive a video call request, a page like the one below will be open for you, and you will hear a ringtone. If you reject the call, no connection will be made. Yet if you accept the call, you will be forwarded to a webpage, where your video call will be established.

We hope you enjoy this new service from Gegli

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