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Gegli news - Dr. Mohammad Hajarian Presents Research on User Engagement Elements at Mipro 2023 Conference -  

In his presentation, he explored the impact of various user engagement elements on software applications. This will be further discussed at the ICL 2023 conference this September in Madrid.

Dr. Mohammad Hajarian, Marie Curie Postdoctoral researcher, Assistant professor at the University

Carlos III of Madrid, and Founder and Director of Gegli Social Network, recently made attention with

their compelling presentation at the Mipro 2023 conference which is held annually and brings together

renowned researchers, industry professionals, and academics from various fields of information


His talk titled “Evaluating the Impact of Different User Engagement Elements on Software Applications”

garnered attention and shed light on the crucial role of different elements of user engagement in the

success of software applications. Several participants were intrigued by the practical implications of the

research and expressed their interest in further collaborations and potential future applications.

In their presentation, Dr. Mohammad Hajarian explored the impact of various user engagement

elements on software applications, delving into the importance of creating immersive and interactive

user experiences. The study involved user engagement collection of software applications and analysis

utilizing qualitative research methodology. This research also provided valuable insights into how

software engineers, developers, and designers can optimize these elements to enhance user

satisfaction, improve user retention, and increase overall user engagement. The study’s findings can

potentially revolutionize how software applications are designed and developed, ultimately leading to

more successful and user-centric software products.

Dr. Mohammad Hajarian shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Presenting at the Mipro conference was an

incredible opportunity to share our research findings with experts in the field. The positive reception

and engaging discussions have motivated me to continue exploring the impact of user engagement

elements on software applications. I’m grateful for the support and resources provided by UC3M, Prof.

Paloma Diaz, and Prof. Ignacio Aedo, which enabled me to conduct this research.”

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Mohammad Hajarian will further exercise the extended implications of

this study with the audience in a tutorial at the 26th International Conference on Interactive

Collaborative Learning (ICL 2023), which will be held this September in Madrid. The title of this tutorial is

“Increasing User Engagement in Software Applications for Commercial or Research Purposes”.

Interested individuals can register for ICL 2023 conference to benefit from this session. More

information about this tutorial session will be available at https://icl-conference.org. Moreover, for

more information about Dr. Mohammad Hajarian’s research and his project at UC3M, please visit


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